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Benefits of Elderberry

Elderberry is such a powerful berry!

Here's a few excerpts from an article on Elderberry and it's benefits:

"Elder was called the “country people’s medicine chest.” Elder keeps viruses at bay by blocking the virus from entering the cell itself. All flu viruses have trouble with elderberry’s blockades. The symptoms of flu like coughs, sore throats and sinus congestion melt under this herb’s attention.

"Elder is a graceful shrub with elegant arching branches, vibrant green leaves and white sprays of flowers that turn into irresistible berries at the end of summer. Black elderberry is native to Europe and North America. Its availability increases its appeal. The elder species have several variations. Elders that produce blue-black berries are considered to be in part of the Sambucus nigra species. Black and blue elderberries, in my opinion, taste the sweetest.”

"Many symptoms connected to colds and flu are effectively treated with this tiny berry. Coughs, fevers and sinus infections all bow to elder’s healing touch. This makes elderberry a rare herb as it not only prevents infection but also treats the infection after it’s taken hold."

"Elder is an important herb for the immune system, but it needs to be used as a daily supplement. Elder constituents do not cling to the tissue, which means daily treatment is not only safe but necessary to block viruses. It doesn’t overtax the immune system or cause imbalances in the digestive tract that allow yeast infections to take hold, either, making it safe for daily consumption.”

"People with compromised immune systems due to allergies or asthma benefit from this herb’s attention. Those who suffer from bronchitis would do well to add elderberry into their diet as well.”

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