39oz Honest Elderberry Syrup

39oz Honest Elderberry Syrup


LAB TESTED | CLEAN | EFFECTIVE amber glass bottle to ensure highest protection of syrup; each bottle is wrap sealed; ingredients: organic elderberries, organic aronia berries, organic ceylon cinnamon, organic ginger root, organic whole clove, distilled water and raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey. This size bottle is the perfect *large* family size or for those who just LOVE our elderberry syrup. All syrups are crafted in small batches in a commercial kitchen following GMP with the freshest ingredients, straight from the farm.


It is recommended to take seasonally, most days of the week or every day during cold & flu season, allergy season, preparation for or during traveling or if exposed as a preventative. one tablespoon a day for adults and one teaspoon a day for children over one for maintenance/prevention. can be taken 3-4x a day at the onset or duration of symptoms. must be taken consistently to maximize and get full benefits. best kept in the refrigerator for up to 4-6 months. shake well before each use. can freeze in ice cube tray to add in smoothie or water at later date to still get benefits.

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