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      We make small batch, organic elderberry syrups and have a line of other elderberry related products in the works! We esteem the quality of honest, organic ingredients and natural ways to care for our family and yours. We take pride in creating a product that not only has beneficial properties but TASTE good! Our Elderberry Syrup is kid and man approved! :) Additionally, our syrup has been lab tested which we feel is very important. We value relationships and all of our ingredients are sourced from family owned farmers who use sustainable practices. We never use any preservatives, fructose, added sugars, thickeners or artificial flavors. 


        A small, family owned business that has personally experienced the difference honest, organic ingredients can make in ones quality of life. It is our goal to help support the families around us by providing top of the line, trusted products. We understand how hectic and busy life can get. It's not always feasible to make everything from scratch, so we are here to be your support and a place where you can easily access honest products to care for your family with a peace of mind. We also think it is very important to always give back, whenever and however we can. When we see a need, and we are in the place to help, we do it! Through this business, we strive to reflect that as well. A portion of our proceeds will always be donated back to the community. 

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a look around and even try our all organic elderberry syrup - we promise, you won't be disappointed! And, shop with confidence, your purchase of Honest Elderberry Syrup will not only benefit you and your family, but a community and another family in need.

"about 2 weeks ago I came down with a high fever and body aches and couldn't break the fever, started taking this 2x a day and just after one day I noticed my fever started dropping. i highly recommend this and it's all organic you can trust and know what your putting into your body. can't wait for my next bottle"

— Brian R.

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